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Reeboot offers 1-2-1 computer tuition which is greatly preferable to group lessons. The focus is on you and tailored to meet your requirements whether it's learning to use Microsoft Windows, using email, internet, organising your folders or word processing.

Reeboot's aim is to help YOU achieve what YOU want at YOUR pace at a mutually convenient time with absolutely no pressure. Patient, caring help and tuition for your Windows Computer and or ipad and iphone requirements.

You will gain confidence as we go through step by step any areas which you find difficult or you may just need your 'hand holding' as you learn, all in the comfort of your own home.

  • Look at the basics of how to use your computer
  • How to get you online
  • Organise your music and photos
  • Online shopping
  • Learn to use Windows 10 
  • Set up your email
  • Word processing using Microsoft Word or Open Office
  • Set up a wireless music system using Sonos, or Apple Airplay

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